Hiking with your newborn and other new parents offers community and support, adventuring in nature, the chance to discover our awesome local parks, and of course, some calorie-burning.

I began hiking with my daughter in the months after COVID-19 became a global threat. She was born on March 11, 2020 — the day that the World Health Organization declared COVID a pandemic. It was a tough time, one full of isolation and worry. 

As a first-time mom, I didn’t have the supports that you would normally expect: no grandparents or aunties/uncles to help out, no postpartum groups to help me find a community of other parents with whom I could share my questions and concerns, celebrate and commiserate. Everything and nearly everyone was locked down.

I was struggling. I’d survived a traumatic childbirth and was diagnosed with acute stress and PTSD. As part of my recovery, I — an avid hiker — wanted so badly to get back on the trail. The first time I did, I felt like I won the lottery. I kept going, and then brought along my daughter, pushing her up many a hill to cheers from fellow hikers, helping rebuild my confidence. 

A few friends asked to join me. From there, word spread: Friends have added friends, and today, our group numbers several dozen, with the kids ranging in age from 2 months to 7 years. Check out our schedule and what’s included.

What I offer:

  • Guided hike: The hike will be between 2-5 miles. I’ll find hikes that are appropriate for the season (shaded, exposed, etc.) as well as for carriers and/or strollers. I’ll share some local history and information about the plants and animals.
  • Support space and community: Mid-hike, or at the end of it (if the hike is short), we’ll stop for a picnic, chat and check ins, and rest.
  • Prep: What are some hiking with newborn and toddler hacks? Can you breastfeed while hiking?
  • Kid-friendly features: Story time, water play where available. 
  • Goal setting: I’ll offer a short mindfulness practice during our hike and encourage you to set goals (if you want), such as training for hiking or walking competitions, as well as for self care.

What’s included:

  • Hike curated specifically for little explorers and their loved ones
  • Kid-friendly activities, like story time, simple art projects, playing in the dirt and water play, where available
  • First aid kit that’s kid specific (Orajel, Tylenol)
  • CPR certified provider (me)
  • Hiking poles, jogging stroller and BabyBjörn carrier (limited supplies)

Learn more about what’s included.


  • “Mommy” is meant to be inclusive and universal. We’ve had outings with dads and grandparents, and I encourage all those who identity as gender fluid or female to join.
  • All levels. We do easy and hard.


  • Tuesdays and Saturdays (paid)
  • Free community hike on Thursday mornings (once a month)


  • Mostly the Peninsula and South Bay, with some excursions to San Francisco, the North Bay and East Bay. I take you on some less-traveled, enchanting hikes.

Cost (@Miranda-Stuart on Venmo):

  • $35/drop-in
  • $120/passbook of four hikes
  • If you are a lifetime member of Blossom Birth, you can 10% off a drop-in or a passbook. If you are not a member of Blossom Birth, they are offering $10 off of their lifetime memberships. Learn more.

Check out our schedule.

I love leading this group and I hope you will love being a part of it. Also, I hope you like to sweat ~ Miranda

Questions? Email (miranda@mommymehiking.com) or call 650-888-2765 or 650-382-2263 

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  1. Rashmi says:

    Hi Miranda, when do you hikes with a lunch at the end like I remember once you had mentioned about lunching at alpine inn. I would be interested to combine hiking and an experience of rest and socialization.


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