How it works:

You pay $600 for regular weekday and weekend hikes that cost $35 for a drop-in — a savings of nearly 30 PERCENT if you plan to attend two hikes a month at the drop-in rate. AND, you can attend as many of these hikes as you like, it’s UNLIMITED.

ALSO, you will get 30 PERCENT off of all other excursions, such as day trips (a new category to be known as Day Trippin’) like to Pinnacles, and camping adventures.

The annual membership covers an entire family. So with $600, you can have adventures planned (by me) for you and your kids almost every weekend of the year (and at least once a week).


Can you transfer an annual pass?

Yes. You will need to find a person to transfer it to and make arrangements directly with them. You both will need to inform me about the transfer.

What if I get the pass and change my mind. Can I get a refund?

Yes, for the first 60 days after purchase. I’ll pro-rate the refund based on the amount of time you had the pass.   

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